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Water from Callier Springs

Callier Springs Country Club, Inc. is blessed with one of the most valuable assets today, which is natural, spring water. This consists of some of the most abundant springs known in North Georgia. Two of the main springs, one which services the seven acre lake creates a tremendous volume of water which runs through the spill way and also supplies the sprinkler system for the golf course. At no time has the lake ever dropped even during the drought. At one time years ago the spring supplied the clubhouse, pool, 30 homes without any loss of water volume. The Etowah River borders the northeast portion of the entire property. The Cherokee Indian tribes used this river for survival. This is more than evident in all the shoals that have been built by the Indian tribes hundreds of years ago. The Etowah River is presently being used for boating, Jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing and additional recreational purposes. This productive river has 2500+or- feet of water frontage bordering Callier Springs Country Club, Inc. The Etowah River joins the Oostanaula River to form the Coosa River approximately one mile from Callier Springs Country Club. The Coosa River runs all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and the Inter Costal Waterway. There are plans provided by the Corps of Engineers to open the Locks and Dams so the Coosa River will be accessible by boat from Rome, Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico.