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Quarterly Membership

Several membership opportunities are available:

  • Social memberships

  • Summer pool memberships

  • Full access memberships

All applications for memberships require two sponsors and board approval (and in some cases a background check).  Once a member and fees are paid.  The membership fees can be paid quarterly.

Social Membership

This membership offers the member access to our lounge, restaurant, and our events.  This membership excludes use of the golf course, pool, and lake for fishing.

Summer pool membership

This membership offers the member access to our pool, snackbar, and pool events.  As with all memberships, they require two sponsors.  But, in the case the member wishes to join the pool without sponsors.  The person can provide some sort of documentation to be used for a background check.  This would allow the person to be eligible for membership without the sponsors.  These requirements are in effect to provide a safe environment for the children of club members.  Please setup a meeting with one of our staff or board member if you wish to explore this membership.

Full access membership

The full membership allows a member full access to all club functions and facilities. This membership in addition to the two sponsors and board approval requires the member to pay a $400 initiation fee. Contact one of our staff or board members for more information to apply for a membership.

Senior and out of town membership are options by request and approval


Unlimited Golf Program

This is a new program just recently being started here at Callier Springs Country Club.  Once a full membership is acquired, a member can join this program. An individual member would pay $2500 up front.  This will give the individual member unlimited golf for 3 years.  An ID will be issued to the member and each time the member comes out they would show the ID and go.  No fees are needed to be paid to play.   This program will be started this year.

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